Red Cotton Bug (RCB), Dysdercus cingulatus also known as Cotton Stainer.

This bugs are generally red in color with two black spot on the thorax. Along with Cotton it also Damage to other plant species also such as Okra, Teak, Maize, Silk Cotton tree etc.

It mainly damage to flowers, seed or ball of the plant. It cause damage to plant by sucking the cell sap of host plant. During sucking micro-organisms also transmitted to infected part of host plant. Due to this rotten of boll take place and lint quality is decrease.

Adult Red Cotton Bug on developing ball
two dark spot on thorax



Fruit sucking moth,Eudocima spp. large moth which mainly damage to fruits crop by puncturing the surface of the fruits by it’s proboscis and suck the fruit juice and that’s way damage to the fruit plants. later on a fungus is develop on the puncture hole and rotten of fruits start.

closeup of Fruit Sucking Moth